Auto-Grip 3.0 Car Phone Clip


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Auto-Grip 3.0 Car Phone Clip is the latest upgraded version for the SAFEST, HANDS-FREE mobile experience ever.

This clip holds your smartphone safely with maximum stability during your ride. Features innovative 7-point support design, with 6 silicone auto-lock claws with a shock absorber, giving your phone 100% protection, support and stability.

Easily mount and remove your phone with one simple hand motion. With self-fitting technology, it universally fits all 3.5″-6.5″ smartphones. An elastic clamp also fits most types of car vents.


  • Stable & Non-Slip
    6 round silicone claws provide maximum security with its 7-point support design, performing excellent shockproof features during driving
  • Self-fitting & Auto Gripping
    Supports single-handed placing / retrieving of your phone with auto-locking claws using gravity technology
  • 360° Rotatable
    Free to place your phone at different angles. Supports landscape and portrait phone orientation
  • Full-Screen Display
    Won’t block any edge screen of the phone
  • Safest Driving
    Mounted on the air vent and will not block your line of sight while you are driving
  • Anti-Scratch Protection
    Premium soft silicone claws ensure the mount is locked to the vent firmly without scratching the blade/ phone
  • Ultra Slim
    Only 1/3 of the size of most traditional phone holders
  • Universal
    Perfectly fits all smartphones from 3.5 – 6.5″ even with a thick phone case. Also fits most types of car vents