Car Washing Gun Sprayer Nozzle


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  • Simple Life Car Wash Spray Nozzle: Strong water pressure ensures perfect cleaning effect
  • Nordic Simplicity Design: The design of the spray nozzle is returned to simplicity through the improvement of the internal structure.
  • Water pipe pressurization: Strong water pressure ensures perfect cleaning effect. And then it is pressurized again through the high-pressure water pump.
  • Tightly Closed without Water Leakage: Each interface can be firmly clamped, without falling off or leaking water.
  • Rinse Dust and Dirt under High Pressure: For the stubborn dust and dirt attached to the surface of the carit can be easily washed off after opening the switch.
  • Rotate 360° to Produce Different Splashes: The shapes are all different at each rotatio and different spray shapes can be adjusted according to different cleaning parts.
  • Strong water pressure easily washes away wheel stubborn dirt
  • Large volume of water, sweep the window dust
  • Uniform large water spray, pedal mud a flush and clean
  • Metal Griping Part: Aluminum alloy metal griping part, durable for use, never get deformed when the high-pressure water flow passes through.
  • Magic Water Pipe: Great elasticity when water is not injected,can be easily stored; the pipe body is prolonged and hardenedafter water is injected, and it is pressurized.
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Water Injection

7.5M, 15M, 30M