Pro Wheel Rim Protector Anti-collision


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Great for city drivers who squeeze into tight spots and get close to those curbs, but that’s not the only reason to choose Rim Trim. If you value the look of your vehicle, choose from one of ten (10!) Rim Trim colors to elevate your car or truck’s appearance.

  • OEM Grade Material. All-Fit’s Rim Trim is OEM quality. Because it’s automotive-grade material, you can trust that it will last as it should and look good all along the way.
  • Install At Home. Install Rim Trim right in your driveway, garage, or parking spot by following the steps laid out in the instructions provided. It’s imperative you follow these instructions step by step just as we describe.
  • Most importantly, if there is any residue left behind on your wheels, the adhesive will not adhere as it should. When done correctly, Rim Trim will not bubble up.
  • The Wheel Prep Process. Clean with soap and water. Clean with rubbing alcohol and rag. Clean again with rubbing alcohol and rag. Prep with the 3M adhesive promoter.

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