PU Leather Auto Car Neck Pillow


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Comfortable and Healthy Leather Pillow

  • Application: The neck pad is very convenient for staying in the car outdoors, traveling, driving, etc. The pressure on the neck is dispersed, and it supports the correct posture during breaks.
  • Absorbs Pressure & Relieves Fatigue: Designed according to the cervical spine curve of the human body, filling the gap between the headrest and neck, the center of the net pad is slightly recessed (valley shape), stabilizing the head to the cervical spine The cover is made of a material that is highly breathable and has excellent moisture absorption and wicking properties. A neck pad with excellent cushioning and comfort.
  • Full Head/Neck/Shoulder Support: High-density low-repulsion urethane is used to support the neck gently. The pressure on the head, neck and shoulders can be distributed to reduce the burden. It also has a vibration absorption effect.
    [Easy to clean]: The fastener specifications make it convenient to remove and wash. The double structure that wraps urethane prevents cleanliness, deterioration of urethane and dirt.
  • Easy Installation and Removal: Just pull the rubber band to fix it and enjoy. Easy to remove when not in use.
  • High Quality Environmental Protection Leather 
  • Anti-Bacterial, Mildew-proof, Stinky
  • Breathable Laser Drilling
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