Rear-view Mirror Phone Mount


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  • Safe Head-up Viewing
    Mounts smartphones securely to rear-view mirror, elevating your device above eye-level as a head-up device. Provides a non-obstructive driving view instead of holding phones to the car vent or dashboard. No more looking down to view phones
  • Swivel Ball Joint
    Provides 270° tilting angles and 360° rotation for landscape and portrait orientations. Especially perfect for GPS navigation.
  • Easy to Install
    Spring-loaded clips are highly flexible to grip phones and rear-view mirrors. Slightly pull to grip without using the extra tool. Able to remove without leaving a scratch
  • Non-slip Protective Pads
    Padded with soft, anti-scratch & shock-proof silicone, it stabilizes your device in place even when going over speed bumps on the road. Protects your device and mirror from scratching


  • Material: ABS
  • Clamp suitable for phone: 3-5.8inch Phone
  • Suitable car models: Applicable to 99% of car models
  • Installation location: Car rearview mirror