Tirepair™ Quick Repair Rubber Nail


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The best on-the-go solution for dealing with a drive-ending puncture and slow leaks is here!

Tirepair created high-quality repair nails with a rubberized coating that hold tightly into your punctured tire and provide high-performance, seamless & tight sealing protection. Preventing air leaks, water entry, and any further damage that may cause accidents.


  • Permanent Sealing
    This nail holds tightly into any tire and effectively blocks up the puncture, providing you with a perfect sealing effect. A full protection nail patch that prevents air leaks, water entry, and any further damage for smooth and secure travel.
  • Perfect Size
    Comes in 2 ideal sizes that can seal up tire damages up to 5mm wide. Especially perfect for fixing an accidental nail in tires in a seamless, professional-looking way. The best puncture repairs for your set of wheels. 
  • Easy Installation
    Quickly patch up your punctured tire to prevent more mishaps with this easy repair nail! Simply remove the offending object from the tire, install the nail from the hole and you’re ready to hit the road again! No need for demounting, wheel replacement, or auto repair shop!
  • Wide Application
    This professional puncture repair plug is suitable for a wide range of vehicle tires including cars, trucks, vans, buses, motorbikes, agricultural tires, commercial tires, and more!
  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality material with great temperature and wear resistance that can lead you to more extended journeys.